Hey, Honey, you're home late, was it a good day?

I've had better.

Creepy clients?

No, I was stopped for speeding on the way home.

.............long pause

You're kidding.


You would spank me if I got a speeding ticket.


So, how'd it happen?

I was going down the hill on Hamwell Street, seven miles per hour over the limit.

That's not much...... still, I bet you would have spanked me.


But, you don't get punished.

Well, I have to pay $82 dollars.

Yeah, but still that's not what I mean. Where's the justice?

Plato thought that justice means treating someone according to what they need.

And, a speeding ticket means I need a spanking.


While a speeding ticket for you means you need.......

.......Kisses, and cuddles, and a naked boy to have my way with.

Oh, ............ well, I can live with that.

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