Obey Me

Malcolm walked in the pet shop. It was David's birthday. Now, he KNEW that
TECHNICALLY a puppy was one of those things they should discuss and agree upon.

But, if he bought that coal black labradoodle puppy and tied a big red ribbon
around his neck. Well, he was sure no one, not even his partner could resist
that. Okay, he might be in a spot of trouble. Oh yes, it was definitely
disobeying that discussion rule of David's. But, what is one little spanking
compared to the years he would enjoy their pet?

Malcolm walked over to the pen of puppies and spied the one that he had chosen
earlier. As he bent down and stuck his finger through the pen he heard an
almighty SHRIEK!! Startled, he nearly lost his balance and almost fell into the
pen with the puppies. Very loudly the bird suddenly squawked, "Obey me, he said
softly." HOW did David do that??? HOW had he made the bird say that?

Shaken, Malcolm hurried away from the pet store. Maybe, that black leather
briefcase WAS a better idea.

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