In response to the WL Christmas Challenge.

As Aaron entered the kitchen Sam was leaning against the counter with his arms
crossed obviously deep in thought. "Quarter for your thoughts?"

"A quarter? Why a quarter?" Sam looked at Aaron confused.

"Well, a penny's not worth anything anymore and I thought with inflation....."

Sam gave Aaron that smile that Aaron thought he reserved just for him. That
smile that lit his eyes with a combination of love and desire. But, Sam's
question surprised him, "Aaron, did you believe in Santa Claus when you were

"I did, but not for long, I think. Our Christmases were pretty quiet. What about

"Oh, yeah. I really loved Christmas as a kid." Sam had a dreamy look in his
eyes. "It was pure magic. I remember wanting Santa to be real so badly, I looked
for proof everywhere. I remember going for car rides to look at all the
Christmas lights and all I could do was scan the sky for a sleigh and reindeer."

Aaron smiled at him. There still is a bit of that awed wonder in him, he
thought. It was so very easy to love Sam.

"Is that what you were thinking about?" He asked.

"Well, sort of. I was thinking that if we had a kid I think it would be great to
let him or her believe in Santa. And that I know exactly how I'd prove Santa is

They had been talking off and on about some of the realities of raising a child.
At least Aaron was now to the point that he didn't flinch when Sam brought up
the subject.

"How would you prove it?"

Sam paused and gave a little smile, "Reindeer poop."

"What?" Aaron asked, laughing.

"Yep, I'd make something that looked like reindeer poop and put it on the lower
roof near the chimney. You know, right where Santa would park the sleigh while
he went down the chimney. Then we could look out the upper windows and see it. I
mean what else would be up there pooping on a roof? It would be solid proof!"
Sam gave him a satisfied smile.

Oh yes, it was so very easy to love Sam.

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