Wild Life

"I'm sorry Aaron. I'm so, so sorry." Sam bounced a little on his toes knowing
Aaron was upset with him.

Annoyed, Aaron looked sternly at him, "yes, I know love but how many times have
we talked about this?"

Sam's voice took on a bit of a whine. "Lots. I know. But I don't MEAN to not

Aaron continued, "what if it had rained last night, like last time?"

Sam looked hopeful. "I know you're annoyed. But, at least it didn't rain, so you
weren't late to work again, were you?"

"Samuel" Aaron said sternly "it's fall and you parked under an oak tree. There
were leaves and acorns everywhere. There probably would have been even more
acorns but I think a squirrel got in there too. At least I found something soft
and brown that I didn't want to look at too closely."

"Yuck!" Sam's face screwed up in disgust.

Aaron continued, "it took me a good 15 minutes to clear it out."

"I'll try to do better remembering." Aaron knew that Sam was sincere but somehow
he doubted that would be enough.

Aaron persisted, "Sam, I have complete confidence that you can overcome this
memory lapse of yours and I have an idea of a way to help you remember."

Sam looked a little wary as Aaron handed him a piece of paper folded over.
"Write this out 100 times."

Sam unfolded the paper and read: I will always close the sunroof on Aaron's
car in an effort to keep out wildlife.

Sam started writing. About half way through he had an idea. It's a little lame
he thought, as he finished the one hundredth line, but it kept me entertained at
any rate.

Aaron picked up the paper Sam had been writing on. After the thirtieth line the
sentence had slowly morphed one word at a time. Finally, at the hundredth, the
sentence had evolved to :

I will always choose the scented lube for Aaron's dick in an effort to keep us
living the wild life.

Aaron threw back his head and laughed. A moldy car was a small price to pay,
life was a hell of a lot more fun than it use to be.

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