Entry Eight

Oh, I'll be glad to talk with Vincent regarding Daniel playing paint ball. The
last time he and some friends played he came home limping on a sprained ankle
and with evidence of a bloody nose on his shirt. Daniel is a nice easy going kid
until he has a gun in his hand. Then he loses all perspective and runs around
as though he's gone into battle and its either him or the other guy. So, just
for the record Daniel, neither of us need talk with Vincent, because I won't
allow you to go. I'm sure this is Liam's and Vincent's influence since they
insist on going hunting every year on Thanksgiving weekend; killing poor
defenseless deer and filling up our freezer space with too much venison.

Work has been crazy but is finally starting to slow down a little bit. I work in
advertising on the art end of things. We've completed most of the stuff needed
for the holidays coming up. I plan to celebrate by meeting up with some old
friends tonight. We get together now and then and have a little band practice.
I play electric guitar and essentially our sessions serve to confirm just why it
is we all have non music related jobs. But it's always a lot of fun, the main
problem is finding a time when all four of us can get together.


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