Entry Seven

Daniel here. Ethan said I could post again. I guess he figured it was safe
since he hasn't had much time to date anyway. Ethan got a job. I guess I
should let him tell you about it, but that's why he hasn't posted in awhile.

The other big news is that I got on my school's basketball team. Yea! I am
almost 5' 10", which is tall enough right now but I will have to grow more if I
want to keep playing. I'm not too worried, Liam is pretty tall and Vincent is
very tall. So, I have tall genes. Since Liam's twin sister is mine and Ethan's
bio mother and Vincent is the bio dad it's sort of like Liam and Vincent are the
bio parents. Poor Jeff isn't the bio anything. Vincent says Jeff influences us
enough as it is. Jeff can be pretty crazy sometimes as well as a lot of fun.
But, if you ask me being crazy and fun can be a great influence. That doesn't
mean that he's a pushover; he can get pretty stern if he thinks we're messing up

It was Liam's birthday last Friday. We had a family party thing, you know with
cake and ice cream and presents. Then Vincent took him away on a trip just for
the two of them last weekend. He likes to do that. He takes Jeff or Liam away
with him pretty often. He says he does it so they so they can have time to be a
couple. Jeff and I had time together; Ethan was working. I'd tell you what we
did but I'm sworn to secrecy.

I really want to go play paintball this weekend with some friends from school. I
mentioned that to Vincent and he said "we'll see" which is Vincent speak for
'not very likely.' I'll see if Jeff can talk him into it.

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