Green Lightning

This little story is based on something that my family and I observed during the
recent hurricane 'Sandy'.

As I came down the stairs, Sam was standing by the window looking out into the
darkened sky. "Aaron, come and look at this."

"What is it?" I asked, coming to stand beside him.

"Green lightning."

"Green lightning?"

"Yes, watch." In a moment there was a flash of green light which lit up one
whole quadrant of sky. Then another flash from another direction and then
another in a different part of the sky; flash after flash. Sometimes it was a
bright apple green other times it was a paler green yellow. Once in awhile it
was more of a turquoise shade. Sometimes it came in quick succession other times
there was a wait of several minutes. We stood side by side not moving watching
the green lightning as though it were a fireworks show.

Finally, after several dozen flashes, Sam said softly, "Aaron, you know what?
That isn't lightning."

After a moment I answered just as softly, "Yes, I know love."

Nothing else was said as we stood side by side looking out the window. Debris
flew by once and awhile close enough to see. The wind sounded fierce as it
whipped around the house and through the trees. And still we stood quiet and
very close together watching the green lightning.

Authors note: The "green lightning" that Sam and Aaron were watching was really
the flash of exploding transformers. Hundreds of flashes lighting up the stormy

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  1. Loved this. I saw tons of green lighting as I live in a "Sandy" area.