"Hey Aaron, come look!." Aaron groaned as he saw Sam beckoning from the
television set. Sam had been watching nearly nonstop coverage of the storm.

"Uh, huh. Sam let's turn that off for awhile."

Sam pointed to the map on the screen, "It moved a little. Look the line in the
middle of the tracking map shifted south. That's away from us." The last was
said with a note of disappointment.

Aaron looked at Sam incredulously, "Sam, come away from there. You're becoming
obsessed with these forecasts. The hurricane is huge and it's coming this way.
There is no difference if that line goes across where we live or near it. You
need to stop watching that."

Sam averted his eyes from Aaron's and back to the screen, "In a few minutes.
They said next they were going to update what's happening at the shore."

"Sam, up. You're not going to sit here all day and watch this." Aaron picked up
the remote from the coffee table. "Tell you what. Why don't we carve the
pumpkins out front. If the power goes out we can use them to light the dinner

Sam reluctantly got to his feet, "Why can't we watch the TV and carve pumpkins
at the same time."

"Because you'll probably cut a finger from not paying enough attention. And
secondly, because I say we're not." Aaron used the remote to switch off the TV.

Sam saw he was defeated, "Well, .... okay. But I really want to know if the eye
is going over us or not."

"Why, Sam? Really, it makes very little difference."

"Well, it's calm then and we can go outside and look around. We can see what
damage there is half way through." Sam looked hopefully at Aaron although he
had an inkling that his partner might not like this plan.

Aaron opened his eyes wide in surprise. "No Sam."

Sam couldn't help raising his voice. "WHY? It's safe Aaron, I swear it's safe.
When we were growing up one of my brothers friends walked over to our house in
the eye. He was fine. I've always wanted to do that. This is the perfect

Only Sam could see a hurricane as an opportunity; okay, Sam, Home Depot and
Lowes he thought wryly. "Trust me, Samuel, if you leave this house at any point
during that storm you will be far from fine. In fact Hurricane Aaron will make
Sandy look like a summer breeze. Here's the forecast; high winds will emanate
from a paddle which will be causing mass destruction to your hind quarters. A
heat wave coming from the site of the destruction will intensify taking several
days to cool down. Is that forecast clear enough, or would you care to have it

Sam opened his mouth to argue and then thought better about it as he saw the
look in Aaron's eyes. "Yes, it's clear. I just have one thing to say." Sam
stood straighter and crossed his arms, sticking up his chin, "I get the biggest

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