Entry Six

Ethan here. I have a quiz for you, see if you can guess the answers.


1. Which Dad volunteered once a week in my kindergarten class?

2. When Daniel was sick with the flu in 2nd grade which Dad cooked up a batch of
homemade play dough to entertain him with?

3. Which Dad cried the first time he held me?

4. Which Dad knows all the words to the hokey-pokey?

5. Which Dad likes to cook, often makes dinner and his speciality is beef

I was reading over the posts on our blog and realized that we are always
describing Vincent as the heavy Dad. That's not the whole picture. Okay, he is
the Alpha Dad and he isn't very tolerant of bad behavior. THAT'S an
understatement. But, there is another side of him too. For example the answer
to all of the quiz questions is Vincent. Are you surprised?

Someone asked about what happened this morning. Yes, Vincent and I had a
discussion and let's just say that I'll have plenty of free time for awhile to
formulate blog entries. Jeff and Liam weren't impressed either. The issue was
more not calling than being a bit late. That and not answering my cell phone; I
think I just didn't hear it. That wasn't an acceptable excuse apparently. I
know that they do worry when I don't show up when I'm due home. They do have a
point. I don't think it's acceptable either to make people who care about you
worry unnecessarily.

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