Entry Five

Ethan here:

I can not believe Daniel! What an idiot. He was suppose to be writing about our
family life not my love life for God's sake. I have banned him from this blog.
MAYBE I'll let him back on later, we'll see.

It's true that I brought a date over the other night. It wasn't as bad as
Daniel made it out to be. Sometimes people ask me why I'm not gay, or they ask
if my fathers were disappointed that I'm not. No offense intended, but those
are pretty dim questions. In the first place I'm not gay because my genetic
code didn't fall that way and secondly, my dads pretty much assumed I would be
straight since most of the population is.

I am still pretty pissed off at Daniel by the way.

One reader asked why Daniel and I use our dads first names. When I was very
young we tried having different dad titles for each of them. Father, Dad and
Pops, I think it was. It didn't work well; it was too confusing, more for them
really. So now, Daniel and I will call any of them Dad or sometimes Father; but
if it is a situation where we want a specific dad and it might get confusing we
just call him by his first name. It works, even if a little unconventional, but
as we all know our family is all about being unconventional. Oh, sometimes we
call them Sir, take last night for example:

Vincent: Do you know what time it is, young man?

Me: Yes, Sir.

Vincent: Then you also know you're 40 minutes late without a phone call home.

Me: Yes, Sir.

Vincent: What is your excuse?

Me: Well, I don't have a particularly good one.....

Vincent: I see, well I hope you don't have any particular plans for the weekend

Me: {silence}

Vincent: Let's get to bed. We'll talk more in the morning. Goodnight.

Me: Yes, Sir. Goodnight.

See how well it works? Although at 18 it seems to me I shouldn't HAVE a curfew,
I mean really, it's ridiculous! Try telling that to the Alpha dad.

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