Entry Four

Ethan said I could add to this too. I'm Daniel, Ethan's brother. I can't
believe Ethan is going to go to college and leave me here ALONE with dad cubed.
( I couldn't figure out how to do the little 3, but you know what I mean.) I'm
in ninth grade so I've got three more years of high school left. But, that's
okay, I'm really not ready to leave home yet. Like most brothers Ethan and I try
to help each other out, at least during the times we aren't trying to kill each

Ethan had a date the other night. He's gone out on dates before but it's been
more 'as friends'. This time he brought his date home to meet the dads. I
thought that was pretty brave. Liam was pretty cool but Jeff was like trying to
be her best friend and Vincent kept asking her all these awkward questions about
her parents and stuff. They left after awhile, I bet Ethan doesn't do that

Liam's bellowing for me to get off the computer and finish my homework. I guess
I will before Vincent gets in on the act.

Daniel Roberts McClane Foster

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