Entry Three

Hmmmph, preggers indeed!

Liam here, Ethan's dad. Even after eighteen years I still get a kick out of
saying that. Yep, we live in a household of five males. Testosterone runs
rampant, toilet seats can safely stay in an upright position and the laundry
room smells like a junior high school locker room. Although, we aren't exactly
cut off from all female contact. My parents live in town and come by regularly
and we have plenty of female friends and neighbors that we see a lot of.

Life is busy, but we try to slow it down. We eat dinner together most nights,
we take family vacations often and we try to reserve friday nights for family
and friends. We've tried very hard to give the boys a solid family life. In
some ways I think we've worked harder at it than many families. Being
unconventional does that, for better or worse we are aware of being under a
magnifying glass.

Ethan said that a few people left comments asking how we became a trio of
partners. Some of it isn't my story to tell. I can tell you that Vincent and I
met through some mutual friends. We were together seven years before Jeff, I
was going to say, 'came on to the scene;' but it was more like he exploded onto
the scene and into our lives. If you know Jeff you know he does nothing
sedately. Vincent is still trying to get him to slow down so his brain can
catch up with his body. Jeff and I met when he took a job at the advertising
firm where I worked at the time.

Things are changing now with Ethan getting ready to go to college. He's a great
kid, and I want him to go and spread his wings. But, we are going to miss him

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