Entry Two

Ethan began this blog and suggested other family members add to it periodically.
I'll give it a shot. But who's going to want to read about us is a mystery to
me, really, we're quite boring. My name is Jeff Roberts. I am the youngest of
Ethan's dads and by far the best looking. LOL My partners are ten and twelve
years older than I am. Adding Ethan and later his brother Daniel to our family
was a difficult decision. We knew that they would face prejudices and even
hatred, who wants their child to experience that? But, we also knew that we had
a lot to offer a child. And, well, children can meet narrow minded people and be
treated unfairly for a whole lot of reasons. Then the choice was made for us
when Liam became pregnant. Okay, okay, Liam didn't really become preggers
although you would have thought he was while our surrogate was carrying Ethan.
He was short tempered and even had cravings although he said it was just
anxiety. But since our surrogate also happened to be Liam's twin sister I say
he was channeling or whatever it is that twins do.

I have to go. He Who Must Be Obeyed says so. THAT happens to be Ethan's oldest
and ugliest dad (little joke there honey, heh heh) the one and only (thank God)

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