Unexpected Consequences

Unexpected Consequences

"Derek, are you okay?"

"Derek? Derek? Do you want me to call 911?" Greg's voice rose in panic.

Derek barely managed to groan. His throat felt constricted and his balls felt

"Oh, my God. I am so sorrrrrrrry." Derek could hear Greg starting to cry.

Well, that had been the idea, sort of.

Finally Derek was able to partially straighten up. My god it hurts, he thought.

The panicked call came again, "Derek? Oh God!". Derek looked up at his partner
from his crouched position. Greg was a young, insecure man and Derek knew he
needed to assure him he was alright. And he would,.... except right now ever
again having coherent speech seemed a dim possibility.

Derek glanced behind him seeing the flattened chair and looked again toward his
brat. Tears were streaming down both their faces. Greg still had his pants and
underwear around his ankles, the tails of his shirt hanging down mid thigh.
Derek knew that Greg had a very reddened backside beneath that shirt. They had
been nearly done when the chair had collapsed. Greg had been occupied with
trying to breath and not cry and Derek had been intent upon his task. There had
been no warning. It was as though suddenly the chair had been made of balsa wood
and with an almighty crack they felt themselves lurching toward the ground. He
had dropped the paddle and had tried to grab Greg. Meanwhile, in his panic Greg
had tried to lever himself up and out of Derek's lap. The point of leverage had
been the problem. Derek was going to be singing soprano for two weeks at least.
Note to self, he thought, next time use the couch.

Finally taking a deep breath, once, twice and again, he looked up at his
distraught partner and love of his life, and attempting a grin said, "Greg
honey, believe me when I say, that hurt me more than it hurt you."

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