A Different Ache

 "Wow, I'm a little sore today." Preston looked over at Simon, with a small smile.

Simon shot a glance and a smile in his direction. And, that was all it had taken, that one small moment when their eyes had connected. Preston felt his body startle as though someone had just grabbed at his groin.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, were we a little too umm.. energetic last night?" Simon asked, although he knew Preston wasn't really complaining. Should we add that to the discussion list?"

"No, actually I like having a bit of an ache. Every time I feel it I remember what caused it. And, I remember exactly what you were doing. It's nice. And besides the list is quite long enough thank you very much."

They both smiled looking forward at the road ahead. It was a beautiful day and Preston could see their destination. They had been heading to Brook's Waffle Shop for nearly a year now. The President has his State of the Union address. Well, he and Simon discussed the state of their union at Brook's the first Saturday of every month. They discussed anything that either of them thought was impacting their life together. Two months ago they had discussed Simon's impending job change that he had been laying the ground work for. That Saturday Simon had been the one in the hot seat, well mostly anyway.

Today Preston knew, was his turn. He had lived a life of just barely being on time for things. He'd squeak into work at 7:59 each day, doctors and dentists would be waiting with clipboards in hand as he breezed in at the last minute. But, lately he'd been off, late to work, late to appointments, late for everything. He was disappointed and frustrated with himself and he'd asked his partner for help getting back on track.

Arriving at Brook's they were led to their usual table over by the window. The breakfast crowd was loud and lively. It felt like a cloak of noise over their quiet conversation.

Simon lost no time, knowing the waitress would arrive with their food without them even placing an order. She just knew. "Press, you know how earlier you were saying you were a little sore and that it reminded you of what caused that soreness the night before?"

Preston looked up warily from his exploration of the condiments and asssorted syrups already on the table. "Yeah...... And where are you going with this?" He asked suspiciously

"I've been thinking that we could use a similar strategy to help you with your tardiness problem." He gave his partner a little smile at his confused expression.

"What? You mean every time I'm late we have hot sex?" Preston asked opening he eyes wide in mock disbelief.

Simon smiled, "I like it! But, I'm not sure associating being late with a pleasurable ache is going to help with the problem."

"Huh?" Preston scowled a bit. "Out with it big guy, I know you have some dastardly plot."

"Well, I know you hate being late all the time. So, I was thinking that if every time you're late you end up a little sore that might help your progress."

Preston paused with the container of Blueberry syrup in his hand, looking at his partner with raised eyebrows. "What exactly are you suggesting?"

"Well, you did ask for my help, right?"


"Well, I've thought about it and I think we should try it."

"Try WHAT? I'm not a mind reader here, Si."

Simon took a breath. "Spanking you every time you're late to work or for an appointment."

Preston sat back in his chair with a laugh. "Hell, Simon, I think I might ENJOY that. Sometimes I feel those sexy little spankings you give me the next day, and I don't all of sudden think, 'hell's bells that makes me want to be on time!' What if I start being late on purpose?"

Simon looked thoughtful putting an elbow on the table and propping up his chin with his hand. "I suppose it could back fire. Although, what I have in mind is more likely to be a backSIDE fire. I don't think it will be an enjoyable experience. But, I think it might help you in the long run."

"So, you'd spank me. Just for being late, right? You wouldn't go crazy because I leave the top off the toothpaste or something, would you?"

Simon smiled, "Of course not. I value my hand too much to perpetually be torturing it."

Preston folded his arms and gave his partner a big smile. "So, spank me now. Today, when we get home." Simon gave him a disbelieving look. "No, really I want to know what's its like. I'll probably just be late on purpose to find out if you don't."

Simon sighed as their waffles and fruit arrived. "Alright, I'll give you a spanking when we get home for all your lateness sins of the past."

The waitress gave a little giggle and they both looked up as she began placing their plates on the table. "Sorry Sue, but it's a boys only thing." Preston said in an apologetic tone.

"Damn. Well let me know when you go coed, okay?" Sue looked bravely at Preston.

"You'll be the first to know, the top of the list!" Sue smiled at them both, just a tinge pinker than usual and moved on.

They finished their meal with small talk. Although, Preston insisted on saying the word 'spanking' anytime Sue approached their table. Simon just looked down at the table and smiled wondering if perhaps it was time to have their 'State of the Union' talks in a different, umm.. State?


Once home Simon attempted to take control of the situation. "Preston, lets get on with it."

"Umm... What do I do? This is awkward. What the hell is that?" Preston asked as his partner retrieved an object from a drawer in the coffee table.

Simon turned and faced Preston. "I don't know if I can spank you hard enough with my hand to make enough of an impression, so if I can't I'll use this too."

Preston rolled his eyes. "Then for heavens sake take the little ball thingy off or you're likely to give yourself a black eye rather than me a red butt."

"I was planning on taking it off.... I just wasn't planning on spanking you today," Simon said crossly.

"Umhmm." Preston said in disbelief, grabbing the paddle and biting the rubber string off with his teeth.

Preston watched as Simon stood up straighter than sat on the couch, shuffling down a little until he was in the center. "Take your jeans and underwear off, please."

Preston's eyes widened and his grin grew larger. "What? Your going to spank my bare butt? I have to tell you, my penis can't stand much more of this."

"Preston! That's enough, no more questioning. Now, do as your told and let's get this done. Pants off and over my lap."

"Umm... Simon? "

"What?" The exasperation plain in his voice.

"When you talk to me all stern like that it makes me even MORE turned on. I just thought I'd let you know, since this is suppose to be punishment and all....."

"Preston. Now."

"Alright, alright, alright. Keep your pants on. Although, come to think of it, this would likely be lots more interesting if you took yours off too .........."

"Give me the paddle and let's go." Preston said in exasperation.

Preston handed the paddle to Simon and unbuckled and unzipped his jeans. He pushed both down below his butt and then bent over putting his hands on the couch beyond Simon and lowering himself into place.

"Fold your arms and put your chin on your forearms." Simon grabbed Preston's wrist and unbuckled his watch laying it in front of Preston's nose.

"That's to help your very active mind focus on why we're doing this."

With that Simon brought his hand down in the biggest smack he could manage. And promptly had to grab his partner to keep him from bouncing off his lap like a rubber ball from a paddle.

"Stay put, Preston!"

About twenty hard slow smacks later, accompanied by lots of OW-ing and OUCH-ing, Simon grabbed the plastic paddle and began to beat a rapid fire staccato on the red back side displayed before him.

Preston sucked in a breath and had a hard time letting it back out again. When he managed it he realized he was crying and just let out a wail. A moment later Simon stopped and Preston knew that he'd do just about anything to prevent his partner EVER doing that again.

He pushed off Simon's lap, folded his arms and glared.

Simon stood and folded his arms and glared right back. But, looking at his outraged partner standing there half naked with a wounded expression and remembering all the cheerful bravado of a mere three minutes ago .... he couldn't help it, he felt his lips start to twitch and knew his eyes were smiling. Soon Preston sheepishly grinned back at him. Simon opened his arms and Preston stepped into them. They stood there for a few minutes holding each other tightly.

Then is a rather shaky voice Preston said in Simon's ear, "I sure as hell wish we would have thought of this solution a couple of months ago, when it would have been you with the backside of fire."

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